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Kim's Platform

  • Fort Ord Property- Deciding what we do with this property will be one of the largest decisions we make. It has the potential to greatly influence the type of community Del Rey Oaks becomes. I believe it’s vital that we involve our residents in envisioning this future, prior to contracting with a developer. 

  • Airport- Our neighbor to the south has its own interests in mind. I want to make sure we have a transparent communication process and always keep residents’ interests at the forefront as the airport moves forward with their expansion process.

  • Transparency- Communicating with the public is one of the most important aspects of our democracy. Providing information and listening to the residents will be my priority. Leaders should show their thought process and dialogue on the dais as they actively make decisions. 

  • Regional Water Issues- I support the expansion of the recycled water project for both environmental and economic reasons. I also believe our water system should be owned by the public and not by a private company with corporate interests.

  • Protecting Open Spaces, Caring for our Habitats- 17 acres, across from The Oaks, should be protected from all development. Arroyo del Rey, the creek which runs through our city, should be cared for and the wetland habitat protected.

  • Safety, Equality, Opportunity- All residents deserve to be safe and acknowledged for their diversity. I'd like to see our city provide more opportunities for our youth, young families, and seniors.

  • Importance of Del Rey Oaks- Although small, the decisions we make greatly influences the wider peninsula community. We need to continue to do what is best for Del Rey Oaks while working with our neighbors on solutions for larger issues, such as homelessness, water, and affordable housing.

Kim No Road.jpg

Kim with her NO ROAD DRO sign she created and distributed to the city residents.


Kim and other Sustainable DRO volunteers.

SDRO IMG_2257NEW.jpeg

Wendy Root Askew, Kim, Carol Kaplan, and Sabrina Siqueiros at the Sustainable Del Rey Oaks table during the Del Rey Oaks picnic.

Kim's Work in the Community

Kim got her start in DRO politics by advocating for sustainable energy through Monterey Bay Community Power. Wanting to see progressive change in the city, Kim was a big supporter of Mayor Alison Kerr’s campaign and election in 2018. Keeping with her love of the environment and desire to lead, she helped to create Sustainable Del Rey Oaks and became Co-Chair at the beginning of 2019. At the same time, Kim became aware of the Airport’s desire to build a road through Del Rey Oaks. Understanding how this could drastically change her community, she saw the need for intervention and created and managed the NO ROAD DRO campaign. This effort mobilized hundreds of concerned citizens and victory was achieved when the Monterey Airport, this spring, removed the road from their plans. Kim is a member of the Citizens Action Group and a block captain for DRO’s Neighborhood Watch. She is also continuing with her passion for helping both the environment and students, by helping lead the Education Committee for Communities for Sustainable Monterey County, which is working on curating climate change resources for K-12 teachers.  

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