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Integrity  •  Honesty  •  Hard Work  •  Communication

Fiscal Responsibility  •  Decisions based on Science


Advocating for Environmental, Social, and Racial Justice

Why am I running?

My family’s move to Del Rey Oaks 18 years ago was rewarded with small-town warmth and caring neighbors. My involvement with NO ROAD DRO, Monterey Bay Community Power, and many community issues have given me insight into how our city works, and sometimes doesn’t work, on behalf of its residents. Our city council must listen and be responsive to its residents’ interests, not outside interests.
I’m honored to have the encouragement and support of many people who believe my lifetime of leadership experience and values are needed on the City Council. In these challenging times, it is with a great sense of responsibility I have agreed to run. I pledge my service to the community will be energetic, creative, caring, and responsive to the residents of Del Rey Oaks. 
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I would love to hear from you about what issues are important to you!
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